How to look up an Opt-in Unsubscribe URL

The following information is related to Secondary Communication only.   

When registering, a member has the option to agree to receive Secondary Communication.      

This communication can contain information about the season (e.g. scores, statistics, weekly newsletters), special offers, promotions and marketing. These communications can ONLY go to those who have opted-in to receiving this information upon registration and have not opted-out prior to the last 7 days.  

Administrators now have the ability to obtain an 'unsubscribe URL' for a specific member. To find the URL follow these steps -    

Firstly, login to your Online Membership Database - If you don’t have your login details please contact your State Governing Body or Association.

1. From your dashboard, click 'Reports'.          


2. On the Reports Manager page, click 'Members' along the side and then configure- form the 'Advanced Member' area.          


3. Drag across 'First Name', 'Family Name' from the 'Personal Details' heading and then scroll to the 'Other Fields' heading and drag across 'Opt-in UnsubscribeURL'. Click Run Report.          

4. Opening in a new window will be the result of your report. If a member wishes to unsubscribe, this is their specific link to do so.    


5. For those who need to unsubscribe someone at their level, simply copy and paste the unsubscribe url link into a new window and press enter. Once there, click 'Unsubscribe'. For those proficient in Mail Merge, you can also Mail Merge the unsubscribe url into your emails using a 3rd party communication tool etc (if you use a 3rd party communication).          

Once you have successfully unsubscribed the member, the following screen will appear.          

Similarly, when using the Communications tool to send out information, you will be prompted to choose whether your message is for a Primary or Secondary purpose.                    

To comply with legal obligations, please ensure all communications fall within the legitimate purposes described.