Setting Up a Yachting Membership Registration Form

Registration forms can be set up and sent to existing as well as new members to allow them to 'self-register' for a season. Products can be added to registration forms so payments can be taken online.

NOTE: You must Edit the National Registration form Template to create registration forms for all Club and Class Association Registrations.

To set up a Membership Registration Form, complete the following steps:

 1. Click on ‘Registrations' and then 'Registration Forms’ in the menu along the top on the page.


2. You will then come to the Registration Forms menu. You will need to Edit the "Member to Association" National Registration Form template for Clubs/Class Associations. Click on Edit to configure the form.

Note: Do Not Add a New Form


3. You will be presented with the screen where you can configure the National Registration Form for your Organisation. The 'Settings' tab will be selected. Fill in all fields where necessary on the Settings tab and click Save.


Form Name: The name of the Registration form - this will be locked for the National Registration form Template.

Type of Form: 'Member to Association' indicates that the form will be registering members to the Club or Class Association setting up the form.

Form Enabled: This option will activate or inactivate the online registration form. This is not editable using a National Registration form template.

Payment is Compulsory: If you want to make it compulsory for someone to purchase a product in order to complete registration, tick this box.

Allow Member to Register as: You can select the Member Record Types people can register as on this form. If you do not complete this step, you will not be able to activate the form.

Allow multiple registration (family registration process): If you want to allow multiple people (Adults & Children) to register on a single form, select these options.

Registration Options: Choose who you want to allow to register via the registration form. 

  • Allow all registrations: Anyone can register via this registration form.

  • Allow new registrations if not in the national system: Only members who aren't currently in the national database can register.

  • Allow new registrations only if in national system: Only members who are currently in the national database can register.

  • Allow existing members only: Only allows members who have their Username and Password to register again.

  • Allow new registrations only: Doesn't display the Username and Password login and if Duplicates are found with this person then the member won't be allowed to proceed.

  • Allow new only if already in the association: This will allow new members but only if they are already entered into the association database.

4. The next tab is the Fields tab: This tab will allow you to set what fields or questions display on your registration form.

Note: Fields set at State Association level will impact on the fields that are available for Registration Forms in a Club level database. For example, if First Name is set as Compulsory in the State Association level database, a club will have to display that field as compulsory on their Registration Form.



  • Hidden: This means the field will not display on the registration form.

  • Read Only: This means that the field cannot be edited by the member but can be viewed.

  • Editable: Editable means that the field will display on the registration form but it will be an optional field.

  • Compulsory: Compulsory means that the registration form cannot be completed without this field being completed. It will be marked with a red star on the registration form as a compulsory field.

  • Add Only (Compulsory): Add Only Compulsory means a member will need to complete the field, but once it has been Added it will not be able to be changed. Generally this field is used for date of birth, where someone’s date of birth won’t change in the manner that say surname, address, phone number may change over time.

5. Layout Tab: The Layout menu will allow you to configure the order in which your fields will display on your registration form. To arrange where a field displays on the registration form, click and drag the field and drop it to move it into a position on the form. It will save automatically.

The layout menu will also allow you to add a text or header block on your registration form. You will be able to:

  • Add Header Block: This enables you to add a label for a group of fields on the registration form.

  • Add Text Block: This is where you can add a description of a group of fields on a registration form.

  • Edit the Display Rules of a Field: For any fields that you have added to a registration form, you can set up rules determining who they display for. For example, you could set a rule that would only allow the 'Parent/Guardian' field to display for people who are under 18 (based on the DOB they enter).

  • Editing Header/Text Block: You can edit the the details in a header/text block that you have added. 


The screen below is what the set up for a Heading Block or Text Block will look like. Enter in a label for the block and then enter in the ‘Block Content’ for what you want to display on your registration form.


6. Products Tab: The Products tab will allow you to link previously set up products to your registration form. Any products that you tick in the ‘Active’ column highlighted below will display on your registration form.


Making a Product Mandatory: On this screen, you can also choose to make a product mandatory on your registration form. To make a product mandatory tick the box for the specific product that you’d like to make mandatory.


Product Sequence: The Product Sequence column will allow you to order how your Products display on your registration form. It will order your products numerically. If you don't wish to sequence/order your products, simply leave them blank. 


7. Messages: The Messages section allows you to add in Messaging on your Registration form. There is pre-set text on all Sections of the National Registration form. The Messaging the Clubs & Class Associations can configure is the Terms & Conditions found under the Full Information tab. A Club or Class Association can insert their own Terms & Conditions and include an "I agree to the above Terms & Conditions" mandatory checkbox. Save the changes made to the registration form by clicking the green Save button at the top or bottom of the screen. 


8. View the registration form: Click on 'Registration Forms’. You will then be able to view the registration form you have edited. To make the registration form available to your members, simply copy the URL and distribute/create links as required.



For further assistance please contact Online Services:  

02 8424 7400