System Enhancements: 03/07/2019

This week we are introducing two additional enhancements to the system.

Admin - Hide from public display

Club and League administrators can now mark members to be hidden from public SportsTG websites. The 'hide from public display' field will be available to be set through the members' dashboard in the 'other details' section. 

Like other fields, it will be controlled through the field configuration area the national body can set which levels below them can edit this field.

Please note that this can also be set by the member through the Member Profile Page (click here to see how to do this

2. Quick links in reporting

In advanced member, advanced transfers, advanced tribunal and player competition stats reports we have added a field called 'Quick Link' in the 'Personal' category. You will be able to include this field into the report that you are building and when the report is run it produces a hyperlink to the members' record.  The field is only available at club and assoc level and it will cause a slightly slower run time. The hyperlink will expire after around 30 minutes and people need access to the database to open the links if the report is exported.