System Enhancements: 16/10/2019

We have recently made UI (user view) changes to the Memeber to Team and Member to Club forms. These changes were made to improve user experience and hope to make registering a little easier.

Please see the below for changes to both these forms, including the ''before''' and ''after'' looks of the forms.

Member to Team

The issue we faced on these forms was that the user was clicking on continue under Register a new person instead of selecting the record linked to their account and re-registering.

This was causing an issue where if users did this they were being asked to pay their state registration fees again and unnecessary refunds were being issued.

We removed the drop-down layout and replaced the member selection.

Member to Club

As part of the current form flow, a user is prompted to select their club before proceeding. 

The current layout confused many people who weren't clear that they needed to click on their club name to proceed and instead were clicking confirm club which started registration with a new club. 

The result was many people were registering to the wrong club and paying the wrong fees.

We have updated the layout of this screen to look more like the previous screen on member to club forms where we layout linked members on the left with a button on the right to register to a new club.

Registration Forms -Refresh & Back Button

In addition to the form changes, SportsTG have been working on some additional functionality and changes to help avoid extra duplicate members and transactions in the system.

 It is known to cause problems when users hit the ‘back’ or ‘refresh’ buttons in their browsers when using registration forms. 

All forms on The Basketball Network will have an added message at the top of pages to advise users.  Example below
‘Do not hit refresh or the back button on your web browser! Your progress on the form will be lost.

In addition to the text, (depending on the individuals browser settings eg. Chrome & Firefox) when the user presses the ‘back’ button a pop-up message will appear and the user must confirm they want to proceed back to the start of the form.