Creating a page

1. Click Page in the left menu, then click the icon beside a page. Select ‘New’ from the popup menu.    

2. Click Page (inside) or Page (after), depending on where you want the new page to go.    

3. Enter the page details**.(Note: Make sure ‘Hide page’ is unchecked if you want it to appear to the public.)

4. Click Save/Close  – You can now enter content.

Select a page type:  '

  • Standard' and 'Advanced' are regular webpages, just differing in the number of options.
  • 'Shortcut' allows you to link to a page in the page tree. This is useful when you want to add another item to the menu, but link to an existing page.
  • 'Not in menu' is also a regular page, but will not be shown in the navigation.
  • 'Backend User Section' is an option which requires a backend user to be logged in for the page to be visible.