How to attain a team code

How teams get their team codes for registration forms

Some associations when using online registration forms will have a member to team form that will require members to input a team code so they can be registered to their correct team for the new season.

This should be automatically generated when the team registers via a team to association form, however sometimes this is not the case.

Note: Only associations can view the team codes and can generate one if a team does not have one. If you are a club or team please get in contact with your association.

To check the team codes for each team or to create a team code for each team you can do this via the Settings of the association database:

1. Log into the association/league database.

2. Select the Settings cog on the right hand side > settings > password management:

4. Select teams in competition:

You will now see a list of all the teams in the competitions you have created and you will notice that most teams will have an 8 digit code next to their names, this is known as the team code in which you can provide to team managers and members:

However you may also notice that some teams may only be displaying with a 2 next to it's name and no password set, this means that there has been no team code created for these teams.

To generate these codes you will need to use the automatically generate passwords button at the top of the page, which will then create an 8 digit team code:

Note: Selecting this button will not change the current team codes and passwords that teams already have set it will only create them for those teams that don't. 

What about team passwords?

Teams are assigned with a team password however depending on the way your association has enabled registrations for teams will depend on whether they need to use the password as well. You will not need to use the password for most registration forms however some associations you may be required to. If you are unsure or cannot go through the registration form without a password please contact your association directly.