How do I choose to pay later?

Follow these simple steps to 'Pay Later'

Note: If the compulsory payment option is selected in the registration form settings, then the pay later option is not available.

1. At the Payment Method selection screen of your registration form, scroll to the bottom of the payment screen and select CLICK HERE TO PAY LATER.

2. If you select 'Pay Later', you will successfully register.  You will be sent an email with further instructions.

3. The below image is an example of the email you will receive. Make sure you keep the email.

When you are ready to pay, select CLICK HERE within the email.

4. The screen that will open up automatically will prompt you to make payment and complete the registration process online.

NOTE: Some national/state bodies have not allowed organisations to use the pay later option due to their business rules in place. Please contact your state sporting body to check with them if you are able to use this functionality.