Registrations - User Guide for Members Registering

Welcome to the new Online Registration System for Members of affiliated Yachting Australia Clubs & Class Associations. When your Club or Class Association provide you with a link to an Online Registration form, you will need to follow the following steps to complete your online registration.    

Step 1: Select a Registration Method  

The registration form will provide you with 3 Registration Methods.  

If you are a Member with an Existing YA Number and registering online for the first time, you will fall into the Second Option (You do not know your Password but have an existing YA Number) which will allow you to set a password in order to login.  

  • You Know your Username & Password
  • You do not know your Password but have an existing YA Number
  • You are registering for the first time and do not have a YA Number  

Step 2A: Request a Password Reset  

1. To set or reset your password, click 'I have a YA Number but I need to set my Password'. Your password must be at least 6 characters long, and must include upper and lower case characters, and at least one number.  

-  If the email address entered cannot be found and you are an existing member you should contact the most recent organisation you were registered with to verify what email you have listed. Alternatively request the organisation to populate an email for you so you can then request a password reset.

-Once you have set your password, click 'I know my Username and Password' and follow the prompts to register. More information on registering can be found below.       

Step 2B: Register as a New Member- this will generate a YA number for you.    


1. The next page will prompt you for basic information. Ensure all compulsory fields are filled out.


2. Once you have clicked 'Continue' - you will be taken to the 'Extra Info' page. Please fill out all necessary information.   

3. Towards the bottom of page, you will see products available for purchase. They will come under the heading, 'Items'. Click the box next to the product you wish to purchase and click 'Continue'.     

4. This will take you through to the Summary page and you will have the option to pay.   

5. Click 'Proceed to Payment' and fill out payment details. 

For further assistance please contact Online Services:  

02 8424 7400