Resending Transfer Registration Form

If the player did not receive an email in the transfer process, the club has two options:  

  • They can correct a possibly incorrect email address for the player and resend the registration form link (Instructions are below) or:
  • They will need to reset the player's password and send it to the player along with the link to the registration form (Scroll down for instructions).  

The first option is to resend the registration form to the user.  

The club may need to correct a wrong email address (if the player believes the wrong email address was entered).  

To do this hover over Members and click List Members. Ensure the Club Status filer reads 'All'. Click on the magnifying glass next to the member.  

Click Edit to the right of the heading 'Contact Details' to correct the email address.  


Once the email address has been saved, return to the Club's dashboard.  
Hover over Members and click 'List Online Transfers'.  

Click the magnifying glass next to the player you wish to edit. Ensure the Status shows 'Awaiting completion of online registration form'. 

Scroll through the player's infromation to the 'Transfer Approval Details' heading. Click the 'Approved button.        

By clicking the 'Approved' button, the site will take you to a Transfer page. Scroll down until you see the 'Submit' button. Click it.   

By clicking Submit, the registration form will be resent to the player along with their username and password.