Team Codes

What are team codes used for?

Team codes are used for registering players to a certain team via a member to team form. When members first access the form they are prompted to enter a team code in order to register.

To find the team codes for each team within your association you can run an ADVANCED TEAM REPORT to get these team codes to provide to your team managers:

1. Go to Reports and select the Team area. 

2. From there you will configure the Advanced Team Report and you will need to include the following fields:

  • Team Name
  • Team Code
  • Competition Name 
  • Competition Active - you will need to filter this field to EQUALS and select YES
  • Season - you will need to filter this field to EQUALS and the select the current season that the teams are in (e.g 2017)

If you are a member/club and require a team code for registrations please speak to your association directly as they will be able to provide you with this information.

Or alternatively if you are at league/association level you can also view them via:

1. Settings cog > settings

2. Password management

3. Team

If you notice a team only has one digit assigned to it that means the team code hasn't been generated for that team yet so click AUTOMATICALLY GENERATE PASSWORDS and it will create a team code - it will not change the codes for the teams that already have team codes.