Adding Registration Fees (Products) to your Registration Form

Before you add a registration fee to your form, you must complete a Payment Configuration. Please click HERE to learn how to do this.

Once you have completed the Payment Configuration, please follow the steps below to add a Registration fee to your Registration form.

1.    Hover over Registrations and select Products.

2.    Select Add A New Product.

3.    Complete all necessary fields for your Registration Fee (Product). For further assistance on how to create Products, please click HERE.

4.    Once you have finalised your Registration Fee (Product), go back into your Registration Form and click Edit.

5.    Click the Products tab and select your Product as shown below. You have the option to make this a Mandatory Product so it will be pre-selected when the member registers.

6.    To ensure payment is captured at time of registration, select the Settings tab and click the Payment is Compulsory option as shown below.