Changing or resetting a password

To enhance the security of your account, we have made some changes to the way passwords are created for first time registrants and reset for existing registrants.

NOTE:  This only applies to members who have a username that is not an email address.  If you log in using your email address, nothing has changed for you.

First Time Registration

When you register for the first time, a username and password are created for you at the end of the registration form.  Your username will be displayed on the screen when you reach the end of the registration form.

Instead of your password appearing on the screen, click the link to reset or create your own password.

NOTE:  you will also receive an email with the same link to reset your password

NOTE: A new window will open.

Enter a new password.  The password will not display on the screen.

Re-enter the password to confirm.  This needs to be exactly the same as the password you entered.

Click Submit.

You get a confirmation that your password has been reset.

NOTE:  To go back to your registration form, don't click the link that says "Click here: as that will take you to the beginning of a form.  Go back to the first window/tab that you used to fill in the form.  It should still be on the last page where you can now make payment.

Forgot Username and/or Password

If you have previously registered and have forgotten your username or password, on the registration form, select "I would like to request my username and password".

Enter the email address you used when previously registering.

NOTE:  if your email address has changed, you will need to contact the club directly or use register for the first time.

Click "Send me my Username and Password".

An email will be sent to the email address with your username and a link to reset your password.  If you have more than one username associated with the email address, they will all be listed in the email.

Click the link to reset your password.

Clicking this link brings up the same Forgot Password form as above.  Enter your password and confirm it. Click Submit.