Clash Resolution

Clash Resolutions During the course of scheduling fixtures or matches across multiple divisions and grades, it is inevitable that some matches will be scheduled at the same time and venue as another match. It is therefore essential to the successful management of an association to be able to identify these clashes before they happen and to resolve them. To do this, SportsTG has the Clash Resolution module attached to it which allows for the identification and resolution of any instance where more than one match is scheduled at the same time and at the same venue as another.

1. To use the Clash Resolution module hover over the Competitions tab and click on Clash Resolution.

2. Any instance where the scheduled time of a match crosses over with the scheduled time of another match taking place at the same venue will be marked as a clash within the SportsTG Competitions system and you will have the ability to resolve these clashes.  

This match duration can be set in the Edit Competition section and it is often a good idea to set this slightly longer than the actual length of the match because you will want to allow for changeover time in between matches.  

3. Once you have run the Clash Resolution you will have the ability to select which clash you wish to resolve. To select a match that has been marked as a clash, select the match from the drop down box at the top of the screen.  

Note: Matches are ordered by Date, Time, Venue and then Teams playing.  

4. Once a match has been selected, the other match that it clashes with will be displayed below your selection.

5. Once you have decided on where and when the match should now be played, you can input the new Venue, Date and Time information in the respective fields.  

6. To ensure these new Venue, Date and Time details will not cause a further clash click on the Check Availability button in the bottom right corner.  

7. If the time slot is available, a notification message will appear and advise you that your selections are valid and to click on Save to continue. From there click OK.

8. If you are happy with these new match venue, time and date details click the Save button. 

9. If you wish to reset your selections and start again, click on the Reset button and select your clashing match again. 

10. You can then go through and follow this procedure for all the clashes in any of your competition's fixtures.