Conditional Products/Discounts

Conditional products provide Administrators greater flexibility over the way in which products are displayed, on a Registration Form, as well as providing a greater user experience.

Administrators are now able to set “Control” fields, which if selected by a user can force the Registration Form to show or hide products on the form that the participant may need to purchase to complete their registration for the season.

You create conditional products for one or more of your existing products.

NOTE: If you cannot see the conditional products tab within your registration form it means your sport is not currently using this functionality so you will need to speak to your state body and ask if this can be enabled. If you are a private organisation and wish to get this enabled please send through a request to our support team.

For example: As an administrator, I wish to display a different registration fee for players who are deemed to need financial assistance to play. In this example we will be having two products, one for the majority of members and another one for people that require financial assistance.

1) Create the products that will be assigned to this registration form. 

Note – you will need to have at least two products. Product 1 will be used for the majority of members and Product 2 will be for the members that require financial assistance.

2) Edit or Create a new Registration Form.

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3) Ensure the products you wish to appear on the form as conditional are available for selection. If you want members to purchase one product or the other it will be best to make them ACTIVE and MANDATORY as if you don't mark them as mandatory members may skip over purchasing the relevant product.

4) Ensure the field (called the “control field”) that determines which product shows on the registration form is added to the form

Note – you may need to create a custom field if the question does not exist already and you may wish to set the “Control” field as Compulsory. This depends on the nature of the field and may not be applicable to all “Control” fields.  

Note - in this example the club administrator created the field “Financial Assistance Code” using the unlimited custom field functionality. This can be access by administrators under the setting cog wheel (just click on the menu item ‘Unlimited CF” 

5) Select the Conditional Products tab and Add the Conditional Product rules

In this screen we will define our “Control Field”, this is the field that will govern which product will show/hide, based on the users/participants answer.

5a)Click on the blue ‘Add Conditional Product’ button to get started

5b)Once we have selected our Control Field, we can define the Rules for this field:


In this example, if the participant answers the “Financial Assistance Code” question with the Answer “2021FA” then the system will hide the ‘2021 Rego Fee’ product and show the ‘2021 Rego Fee (Financial Assistance) product’. This means that the member that entered the code was given a discount by the club

6) Test Conditional Products in Registration Form

We can see our Control Field appearing on the Registration Form:

Based on the rules we have applied if the ‘Financial Assistance Code’ field is filled in with the text “2021FA” then the ‘2021 Rego Fee (Financial Assistance)’ Product will show and the “2021 Rego Fee” will be hidden.

NOTE: You may wish to put some supporting text around the field to explain what is required by participants when they register.